Adrien Broner rails against Floyd Mayweather ahead of bout with Money’s fighter

“Adrien Broner got up there and said ‘[expletive] TMT’ and we are a company that’s making millions. But remember when Adrien Broner lost to Marcos Maidana, I was the first one there that had his back and a shoulder for him to cry on when everyone else turned their back on him,” said Mayweather, who chalked Broner’s comments up to immaturity. Ultimately, Mayweather opted for the high road.

“Am I going to bash Adrien Broner and say something bad about him? Absolutely not,” Mayweather said. “I’m not going to do that…I used to say things when I was younger but I’m almost 40 now and I look at things totally different. I’m not going to carry myself in a childish way.”


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