Women Boxers


Although women have boxed for almost as long as the sport has existed, female fights have been effectively outlawed for most of boxing’s history, with athletic commissioners refusing to sanction or issue licenses to women boxers, and most nations officially banning the sport.[1][2][3] Reports of women entering the ring go back to the 18th century, and the first reported American bout occurred in 1876 in New York.[4]


Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao


“This fight here is more important than any fight in their life, career, everything. This fight is about bragging rights. This fight is about legacy.”

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao, billed as The Fight of the Century, or the Battle for Greatness was a professional boxing match between undefeated five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. It took place on May 2, 2015, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather won the contest by a unanimous decision, with two judges scoring it 116–112 and the other 118–110.

Following the richest fight in boxing history, on May 2, 2015, the winner, Floyd Mayweather, earned about  $4,994,681 per minute while Manny Pacquiao earned  $3,329,787 per minute of action.



Boxing is a martial art and combat sport in which two people throw punches at each other, usually with gloved hands. Historically, the goals have been to weaken and knock down the opponent.

Boxing is supervised by a referee over a series of one- to three-minute intervals called rounds. The result is decided when an opponent is deemed incapable to continue by a referee, is disqualified for breaking a rule, resigns by throwing in a towel, or is pronounced the winner or loser based on the judges’ scorecards at the end of the contest. In the event that both fighters gain equal scores from the judges, the fight is considered a draw.




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